We have changed our company name to Attentis Technology

Please check out our new website at https://www.attentistechnology.com

FlameSniffer - innovation driven by passion

At FlameSniffer, we continue to innovate and redefine wildfire detection, remote communication and data transmission. We have invested years of research and development, testing our products in extreme conditions to ensure reliability. We are driven to make the world a safer place by proactively combating the increasing threat of wildfire.


Built to withstand harsh environments.

The 4C range of fire and gas detection sensors are manufactured using a formulated combination of fire, shock and UV resistant polymers.

Each section is preassembled, tested and sealed providing multiple layer protection from moisture penetration and fluctuations in temperature.

Unique features include active temperature control, multiple communication protocol, triple sealed construction and maintenance free lenses.


FlameSniffer designs and manufactures unique fire detection and protection solutions for all environments and requirements, worldwide.

For additional technical information on any of our sensor products, protection solutions or detection networks, please contact us.


FlameSniffer combines engineers in the fields of infrared, optics, electronics, hydraulics and communication. With guidance from several highly experienced Fire Chiefs, FlameSniffer designs and constructs essential, highly effective tools for Fire Departments, Emergency Services, Government Agencies and Utility Companies to combat wildfire.

Our passion to make the world a safer place is the starting point of every FlameSniffer product.