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Power-line arcing and fire ignition presents a significant risk in remote areas

It is a complex process maintaining power-line transmission reliability. Remote area access is often difficult and deploying maintenance crews to investigate, inspect and repair low-tech problems can be inefficient and costly.

Vegetation maintenance is crucial; trees encroaching power lines are a leading cause of blackouts and fire ignition. Wildlife disruptions also lead to system malfunctions, failures and fires.

FlameSniffer 4C-V5 series units provide a unique, dual purpose function, providing unmanned fire ignition and arcing detection, coupled with the ability to view vast spans of power-line infrastructure from a single Command Center.

360-degree visual and thermal imaging provides 24-hour viewing of the area surrounding each pylon, pole or station. Individual sites can be reviewed for storm damage, tree proximity to power-lines, maintenance crew safety on-site and faults. Investigation can be performed prior to crew deployment, significantly reducing operational costs.

During wildfire events, individual pylons can be accessed to view fire proximity and localized climatic conditions to aid informed decisions regarding power interruption or isolation.

FlameSniffer Infrastructure Networks provide an early warning, fire detection corridor, detailing the size and intensity of the wildfire threat.