We have changed our company name to Attentis Technology

Please check out our new website at https://www.attentistechnology.com

Our mission is defined by our passion to make the world a safer place

At FlameSniffer, we engineer intelligent wildfire management systems for Fire Departments, Government Agencies and Utility Companies.

We engineer intelligent protection systems for residents and communities.

Establishing intelligent fire detection networks throughout high risk communities provides Fire Departments with an essential, invaluable tool to detect the onset of fire and provide ground based intelligence to assist in the rapid containment of wildfire.

Communities can combine resources to establish networks to benefit all residents, providing early detection, a vital tool for Fire Departments and a community-based system to operate all protection systems, to combat wildfire.

We can combat the increasing threat of wildfire, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, drive managed conservation and more importantly, save lives. We simply need to work together.

This is our life�s work. Together we can make a difference. All we need are champions.

Every Network is a step closer.

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